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Shoulder Arthroscopy Recovery and Diagnosis
Shoulder arthroscopy for torn rotator cuff and shoulder pain


When the tissue inside or around your shoulder joint becomes damaged, shoulder arthroscopy surgery, also known as rotator cuff surgery, is used to examine and/or repair the tissue of an injured shoulder or torn rotator cuff. (more)

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Arthroscopic Rotator Cuff Repair Video Clip

Arthroscopic Rotator Cuff Repair Rotator Cuff Surgery


Shoulder Arthroscopy Surgery Articles

Adhesive Capsulitis

I feel that the cause of your pain is a condition called Adhesive Capsulitis or Frozen Shoulder. This is a common shoulder problem that affects thousands of people every year. We do not know the cause of frozen shoulder. It does not seem to result from an injury. While some people relate the onset of their pain to an injury or illness, many more

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Shoulder Arthroscopy
Diagnose your shoulder injury for rotator cuff surgery guidance.

By communicating your area of pain, Dr Gartsman can gain insight into the possible shoulder problems you may have. If you are not sure if you need rotator cuff surgery click here to provide Dr. Gartsman with information about your shoulder pain.

  Shoulder Joint
Patients commonly visit our office because of shoulder pain. The three main causes of shoulder pain are torn rotator cuff problems, shoulder stiffness or shoulder looseness.
  Shoulder Pain
Each of the three most common shoulder pain causes have a unique area of pain associated with them. Clilck here to tell us about your pain.
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The goal of your operation is to eliminate or diminish pain and allow you to comfortably perform normal activities of daily living. Fortunately, you can usually perform the necessary rehabilitation exercises by yourself at home. Read More...

Dr. Gartsman will discuss with you your concerns and also what to expect after arthroscopic shoulder surgery as you recover.

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